The Gains of a Multiparty System in Nigeria

Today, Nigeria has witnessed about sixteen years of uninterrupted democracy in her fourth Republic. However, the troubling question that comes to mind is; what has Nigeria achieved in the last sixteen years of her democracy? In fact, what kind of democracy is her modus operandi? Can Nigeria be said to be practicing Western Parliamentary democracy? Or what kind of democracy is Nigeria practicing?

The political modus operandi in Nigeria here is what we shall call "Nigerian Democracy". It is a kind of democracy that is  entangled with the cultural values of Nigeria. It is situated within the confines of her culture. In Western Parliamentary democracy, the opposition party is often seen as a checkmate to the ruling party. It seeks to give only constructive criticisms to the ruling party. It duty is also to ensure that the ruling party come to their senses, in times of political turmoils. Well that is a true Democracy. Let us come down to Nigerian democracy. In Nigeria here, the…

A Contemporary Revolution of African Philosophy

"The controversy over what constitute an African philosophy, tends to dominate so much that it forms almost the entire content of the discourse"(Godwin Sogolo). African philosophy, indeed is rooted in African culture and religion, just as how Greek philosophy is rooted  in the theological postulations of Homer and Hesiod. Also,  contemporary African philosophy as an academic enterprise, has grown out of this traditional foundation, just like Greek philosophy. But there is still a leap of backwardness in the enterprise of African philosophy. Historically speaking, African philosophy arose as a mild reaction to the incessant eurocentric claims of the Europeans. They simply regarded Africans as savages, hybrids(people who had lost the virtues of their culture, and are incapable of comprehending European culture), primitives, incapable of doing philosophy, and so on. Ever since then, what African philosophers have tried to do over the years, is debunk the claims of these euroce…

Agriculture And Industrialization in Africa

Today, Africa has more countries with economic backwardness than any other continent in the world. Africa has been relegated to the fourth world. Even Nigeria, the economic hub and giant of Africa, is currently facing an economic recession for the second time in her history. Given this plight, the obvious question that comes to mind is; how can Africa expunge herself from the bottomless pit of the fourth world? Answers to this question, forms the main thrust of this article. At this juncture however, it is expedient to give a concise and detailed analysis of how Africa's economy came to be in shambles.

Africa indeed, has the longest and oldest economic history in the world. Historically speaking, agricultural practices in Africa first reared it head in the sahara desert in 5200 BC. Despite the limited rain of the region, farming was quite easy due to it wide open fields. Africans at that time were all farmers and hunters. In fact long distance trade between states, existed in pre…

Ethnicity Syndrome and Political Nationalism in Nigeria

Nigeria, the Giant of Africa, can boast of her salient Political Nationalists. They are sometimes called "Freedomites". Most of our children in Schools are constantly reminded of their heroic deeds. But their evil deeds are often neglected. In fact, this article will argue that they all had an Ethnicity Syndrome, through the Tripartition policy of the British. Unfortunately, Nigeria now suffers the consequences and effects of this ethnicity syndrome on her political Nationalists. However, to further buttress and pitch clarity to the point we are driving at, it is paramount to give a concise analysis of the very concept of Ethnicity Syndrome.

Ethnicity Syndrome, metaphorically refers to a  disease diagnosed to those whose actions and judgements are influenced by the feeling of belonging to a particular group. These kind of people often take their group or tribe as an authority, and also claim that their group is the best amongst others. Their actions and judgements are often…

The Jagons of African Democracy

"There can only be one type of democracy and that is the democracy that recognizes certain pristine notions..."(Muyiwa Falaiye).  Democracy, no doubt,  remains the best form of government in Africa. As a result of the dictatorial leadership of our colonial masters, it is only logical to give power back to the people, after independence. Universally and roughly speaking, democracy refers to a form of government by the people, for people. It is a form of government that gives power to the people, and this is what Africa needs. Unfortunately, democracy has been altered and excessively polluted here in Africa.

Africa pretends to practice western democracy, whereas the political modus operandi, is "African Democracy".  In other words, while other Continents practice western democracy, Africa settled for "African Democracy". This gives us a dichotomy between "democracy in Africa" and "African democracy". The former is western democracy witho…

Racism: Africans Are Also Guilty

Indeed, when you hear the word Racism, the first thing that comes to your mind is the superiority and dominance of the White race over the Black race. But the simple truth is that, Black people also do Racism. They also have a sense of superiority and dominance over other races,especially the Whites. A continent where the practice of black superiority exist, is Africa, the ancestral home of all black people, whether directly or indirectly. Hence, this article shall logically examine Racism, from the perspective of black superiority.

According to the English Dictionary, "Racism is a belief that one race is superior to the other". As earlier stated, Racism is usually associated with the superiority and dominance of the White race over the Black race. As a result of this, most black people all over the world, make incessant efforts and agitations against the superiority and dominance of the White race. Examples of these black agitators includes; Late Martin Luther King(Jr), Jo…

Religion and The Law: A Logical Similarity

Religion and the law today, has been interpreted differently by different people. Most people conceive the law as being entirely different from Religion. In fact, most people even conceive the law as less merciful, and Religion has more merciful. However, having being  librated from the claws of this unending Religious abstraction, it is my intention to point out logical similarities between Religion and the law, in a bid to liberate rational thinkers out there.

Sincerely i do not have a problem with religion. I see religion as a Twin Brother of the Law. For me, the main thrust of religion and the law, is to inculcate morality in the society. However, you can not state laws intending to inculcate morality, and think people will obey. No, it doesn't work that way. Every law, according to Karl Olivercrona, should be backed by active sanctions and punitive measures. Here, both religion and the law, are geared towards similar paths. The law adopted several punitive measures and a Law…